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See below table of the members achievements in 2010.
Congratulations to all and let’s look forward to 2011.

Month Member Dog’s Name Achievement
March G Hodgson Dante AD
March R A James Jake Sch III (G) – National Qualification
April G Hodgson Dante Show Grading G
April R A James Jake Sch III (G)
May G Hodgson Dante Sch I (G)
May N Green Morris Axel Sch I (G)
August G Hodgson Dante Breed Survey Class 1
August M Wellwood Leah Breed Survey Class 1
September L Hulley Pepper BH
September P James Brun BH
September M Wellwood Leah Sch I (G)
September R Squire Lishka Sch I (S)
September R A James Jake Sch III (G)
September G Hodgson Dante KKl II
November R A James Jake Sch III (SG)
November M Wellwood Della Sch III (G)
November G Hodgson Dante Sch II (SG)


Month Member Type Achievement
June N Koskinas Helper All Breeds National
July R A James Judging SV Licenced Ausland Leistungrichter
August N Koskinas Helper Re-Selected Grade A National Level


Club Information

Non members / visitors must request permission to attend in advance of each session.
A training fee of £ 5.00 per person per session including tea/coffee

Chairperson: P James
Secretary: A Brooks
Treasurer: C M Spurr
Trainer: K Sullivan

Training Times
Tuesday: 12:00pm till late
Sunday: 11:00am till late

Find Us

Off Spout House Lane (Opposite Brighouse Town Football Club), Hove Edge, Brighouse, West Yorkshire HD6 2PL


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