Non members / visitors must request permission to attend in advance of each session.

I love this sport and the club I have been associated with for over 20 years, White Rose Schutzhund Club (WRSC) was formed in 1990 at an inaugural meeting organised by Jim Jackson and Lewis Oldfield which I attended along with fellow invitees John Taylor, Bert Cross, Brian Sincock and my wife Pauline. During its formative years the club shuffled from home to home before settling at Spout House Lane, Hove Edge, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, some twenty years ago.

WRSC was represented at the first meeting of the British Schutzhund Association (BSA) and became one of its more active and successful clubs. Following a reorganisation within the sport we are now a working dog group within the GSDL and proudly support its promotion of the sport both in the UK and internationally.

The expertise of our working trials and police force members formed the basis of training in the early days. However, having attracted regular visits from our many European friends, Schutzhund training techniques were quickly developed and continue to evolve together with an increasingly professional approach to the sport.

Club training sessions for our 23-strong membership are held on Tuesday and Sunday afternoons but the ground remains available for club members to use at any time. Training sessions attract regular attendance by members from other clubs who are always made welcome.

Richard Alan James